5 Cereal facts you never knew you needed to know

We all love cereal. It is a staple in the American diet. Here at Stirs we are obsessed with cereal as much as you are, and we aren’t alone. To prove it, here are 5 cereal facts you never knew you needed to know!

The facts:

1- The average American eats around 18 pounds of cereal a year! That’s almost half a pound per week and 1,000 calories each week! Crazy times we’re living in. We are here for it!

2-Cereal is known to be the most craved food because it has the highest amount of dopamine receptors in our brain. This explains why we are so in love with it. Honestly, if loving cereal is wrong, we don’t wanna be right!

3-It takes about 10 seconds for our taste buds to send signals to the brain. This is why we sometimes eat cereal at night or when we are so hungry it tastes better than ever. We love a good bowl of cereal before bed.

4-In 1894, a doctor prescribed a common brand of cold breakfast cereal made from shredded wheat as an antidote to cough medicines because he felt that any medicine should be able to be eaten in its powdered form. Hey doc, gimme those good mini wheats!

5-The breakfast cereal Wheaties was originally called Washburn’s Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes. The postmaster of the town found out about it and suggested that the product be renamed “Wheaties” because of their high wheat content.

The facts are clear. Cereal is life. If you don’t believe us, just take your next spoonful of yummy goodness and realize we were right all along.

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