Stirs Cereal 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Cereal Lover Gift Guide

Do you have a cereal lover in your life?

We are cereal experts and have the gift guide for you! Keep reading and snag that perfect holiday gift. 

1. Crunch Cup

  Cereal Crunch Cup

cereal and milk crunch cup


The Crunch cup is the perfect gift for the cereal lover that is on the go! Picture this- you're headed out the door to work, and really are craving a bowl of cereal, but eating cereal in the car is not the best idea. Enter- The Crunch Cup! Pour in your fave cereal, milk of choice, and you are ready to GO! You can grab your crunch cup right here. 

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2. Punny Cereal Tees 


captain crunch cereal tee shirt graphic tee


Here at Stir's, we love a good pun. Especially if it has to do with cereal! We have an entire line of buttery soft, hilarious graphic tees that are sure to make the cereal lover in your life smile on Christmas morning. Give them the gift that they will really love. You can see our whole collection of graphic tees on our website here- 

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3. Cereal Stickers to stuff their stocking


Bowl of Cereal with a cereal themed sticker inside


Silly Parents! Cereal is for dinner! We have ALL kinds of stickers for your water bottle, laptop, notebooks, or really anywhere! they are waterproof, high quality vinyl. These cereal themed stocking stuffers are sure to please. We have a whole collection for you to browse here - 

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4. Cereal Subscription Box- Stir's Box

cereal subscription box  international cereals

Did you know that Stir's offers a Cereal Subscription box? It's called Stir's Box, and it is the PERFECT holiday gift for the cereal obsessed. It includes cereals and snacks from around the world, and different cereal themed merchandise each month. From Flavored milks, to cereal from Japan, to cereal scented candles, This monthly Subscription box will bring joy year round. You can find our subscription boxes here!


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5. Holiday Gift Baskets 

holiday cereal gift basket
For the person who can't choose just one gift, we offer Holiday Gift Baskets! Stickers, tee shirts, cereal, oh my! This is the mother of all cereal gifts. Customizable to your tastes, it's sure to be a hit! 
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With all these options, it's impossible to go wrong with a gift from Stir's! Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas from all of us at Stir's!
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