Friends of Stir's

Friends of Stir's

How we give back 

If you know Stir's you know that we love cereal. You also know that there are countless reasons to eat at Stir's- from the nostalgia to the unlimited cereal. But, did you know that when you eat at Stir's, or even order from,  you are giving back to your community as well? Yep. How do we do this? Read on to learn more. 


Friends of Stirs 


Here at Stir's, we care deeply about our community. Because of that, we have a 501c3 non-profit called Friends of Stirs. It is through Friends of Stirs that we help those with food insecurities by donating food to organizations who need it. In 2021 alone, Friends of Stirs was able to donate over 11,000 meals to those in need, thanks to the support of our customers. We are able to support multiple charities and organizations in our local community. 

No Child should go hungry in a world that has enough to spare 

We know that hunger is a devastating problem worldwide. 

In our travels around the world and in our communities here at home, we have seen the devastating effects of childhood hunger.  And while the task of eradicating world hunger can seem daunting, we believe one person can make a difference.  And we believe a whole community fighting against this epidemic can change the world.  Join Stir’s to help us reach our goal of providing 10,000,000 meals to hungry children in our neighborhoods and around the world.
According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations:
Global malnutrition is increasing.
1 in 9 people are undernourished worldwide.
Hunger rates are increasing the fastest in South America and Africa.
770 million people had severe food insecurity in 2017, meaning they ran out of food and went without eating for an entire day.

A Bowl for you is a Bowl for Them! 

Each purchase you make at Stir's, helps us give back to our community. Enjoying a delicious bowl of cereal and milk in our store? A meal is donated. Buying some fun cereal merchandise on our website? Multiple meals donated. 

With each online purchase, we will send a card that will let you know how many meals were donated on your behalf with your purchase.

You can make a purchase HERE!

Or, If you would rather donate directly to Friends of Stirs, click HERE! 


Organizations that Benefit from Friends of Stir's 

Utah Food Bank is the largest food pantry is Utah. Last year, Utah Food Bank distributed 56.1 million meals via a statewide network of 230 partner agencies located in all 29 counties. In addition to being one of only a handful of food banks that distributes food free of charge to partner agencies. They also offer several direct service partners to help the most vulnerable populations in our state — children and seniors. By combining these direct service programs with emergency food assistance services, they truly impact the lives of Utahns who live in a world of food insecurity.


Odyssey House of Utah is another organization that we are donating to this year. Millions of people struggle with addiction but are unable to afford care. Odyssey House of Utah helps provide care for those that need it. This includes feeding those residing within their programs. Adults, teens, children and families will benefit from odyssey house this holiday season. 


The Road Home is a private nonprofit social services agency that assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County and along the Wasatch Front. We help support their efforts by donating cereal and meals to help feed those in their programs and shelters. 

Stir's is not only an amazing place to enjoy cereal with family and friends, it is also an opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. The beauty of Friends of Stir's is watching all of us cereal lovers come together with one goal in mind- to solve childhood hunger. With your help, we'll help to fight hunger in our community and worldwide too!

Eating cereal can be such a fun experience. We love giving out cereal to children who don't often get to enjoy a luxury like cereal. But we also want to provide nourishment to children in our community., That's why Friends of Stirs donates cereal along with healthy non-perishable goods, so that everyone can take part in the fun of the Stir's Experience, while also receiving good, healthy meals so they can live their lives without the fear of not having enough to eat.


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