International Cereal!?

We are so excited to be launching something very special with you very soon. It will completely change the way you eat cereal and even try new cereal. in the mean time, here are 5 facts about cereal around the world you may not know.


Fact #1-

Cereal was invented by accident when a baker mixed toasted wheat with sugar and water. Honestly, we are SO happy that this was a mistake that was made!


Fact # 2-

The average American eats 66 pounds of cereal every year, that’s about the weight of an infant!

Fact # 3-

Australia has a type of cereal called “Weet Bix” that is so popular, it has its own museum! We Serve Weetabix at Stir's!

Fact #4

Mixed Berry Cheerios are one of the most popular cereals in Canada!

Fact #5

There is a type of cereal made from insects called “cricket flour” that is becoming more and more popular as an alternative protein source! Did you know that? What other types of interesting or unusual cereals have you tried?

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about cereal around the world! We can’t wait to unveil our new project with you soon. Stay tuned!


-The Stir's Team.

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