Stir's Serves 50k Campaign: Join Us in Ending Food Insecurity

Stir's Serves 50k Campaign: Join Us in Ending Food Insecurity

Stir's Cereal is excited to announce its 2023 giving initiative, the Stir's Serves 50k Campaign! Stir’s aims to donate at least 50,000 meals in 2023 to children in need through its non-profit organization, Friends of Stir's.

At Stir's, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy food options, regardless of their circumstances. That's why for every purchase or visit at Stir’s, we donate at least one meal to a child in need through our organization. Thanks to the support of our customers, Friends of Stir's has already donated over 26,000 meals to organizations in our community over the past 2 years.

Read more about how we have helped our local communities 

Our goal of donating 50,000 meals is ambitious, but we know that with your help, we can achieve it. Friends of Stir's is funded by a percentage of sales from Stir's, so visiting Stir’s Cereal Bar, or purchasing online, you are directly contributing to helping your community. Every purchase at Stir's makes a difference and brings us one step closer to our goal of ending food insecurity.

Food insecurity affects millions of people around the world, and its impact goes beyond just feeling hungry. It can impact a person's physical and mental health, as well as their ability to succeed in school and work. By supporting Stir's and Friends of Stir's, you can make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity in your community.

Join us in our mission to end food insecurity in our communities. By supporting Friends of Stir's, you can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Together, we can serve 50k meals and beyond. Every Purchase, Every Visit, Every Day, your support matters.

You can donate to Friends of Stir's Here!

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