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Stir’s began with a 6-year-old boy who loved cereal enough to hide bowls under the couch for safe-keeping. Our goal is to change where people eat cereal, so if there are any cereal-lovers in your city, then the stage is set for a Stir’s near you.

Stir’s is a fresh, fun idea that appeals to all ages and lifestyles. With several different levels of investment available, you can easily become an independent operator of your own Stir’s franchise.


This opportunity is for people who are motivated, intrepid, and enthusiastic. Stir’s offers a chance to be part of an exciting evolution of the cereal industry: to bring our favorite breakfast out of the home and into the world!

Deleted: We offer franchise opportunities that range from 200 square feet to 2000, from a shopping mall to an airport to an arena…Anywhere people would want cereal.

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Why Franchise Owners Love Stir's:

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The Simple Life

Our stores have no ovens, stoves, or grills. In fact, we only have refrigerators and cereal. You typically need only 2 or 3 staff members per shift to manage the store. This simple arrangement significantly decreases the stress and workload of the franchise owner

Business Model
Our Business Model

The business model includes the store as a hub for event catering, a food truck, specialty items, on-site delivery options, and more! You’ll tailor your business to your customer’s specific needs. Here at Stir’s, we want to make our customers happy—we want to give them cereal like they’ve never had it before.

Ownership Training
Ownership Training

Our leadership team will provide the onsite training and instruction that is necessary from start to open for business.

Helping Hand
A Helping Hand

As a Stir’s owner, you will have the magnificent opportunity to aid in the fight against world hunger. Our company is inseparably linked to Friends of Stir’s,​​ a non-profit organization with the goal of eradicating world hunger. For every bowl of cereal sold, we donate money to aid this worthy cause; a concept we like to call, “A bowl for you is a bowl for them.” This is a corporate commitment that extends throughout every franchise, because we believe in making a difference, one bowl at a time.

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Deleted: The Stirs model is simple, we are changing the way you eat cereal(TM). Our approach is based on multiple streams of revenue for each retail location. We have specific revenue plans in place for each stream with marketing and training, procedures and best practices to ensure the highest sales possible. The Stirs model includes the retail store front that operates as the support hub for all of the other streams. We have the following 5 source streams of revenue:

– The specialty items Revenue stream.

– The Food Truck / Trailer Revenue stream.

– The Catering / Special Event Revenue stream.

– The Business, Delivery and Recurring Order Revenue stream.

Deleted: – The retail store front Revenue stream.

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