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Stirs Cereal

Lovebird Cereal - Cacao, Cacao, 7.0 oz Box

Lovebird Cereal - Cacao, Cacao, 7.0 oz Box

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RISE AND FLY with nutrient dense food with no refined sugar or sugar science to help support your gut health. Cacao lightly sweetened with a touch of organic coconut sugar and organic cacao for a dark chocolate-y crunch! Whole food ingredients ALL listed directly on the front of the box. Organic Cacao for a boost of antioxidants and essential minerals.

    ALWAYS: organic, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, NO refined sugars, and NO high potency sweeteners such as stevia, monkfruit, or "natural" flavors, in a 7.0 oz box.

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