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West Clay Candles

West Clay Candles

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Candle scents

Introducing West Clay's colorful collection of candles that look like paint tins! Each one is hand-poured into a tin and comes in a variety of bright hues and delightful fragrances. These playful candles are perfect for adding a pop of color to any space and make a great gift for art lovers and home decorators. Light up your life with our paint tin candles and let the colors and scents ignite your senses!

Coconut wax candle

Candle care

On first burn, let candle melt until the wax pool reaches the age of the vessel Before extinguishing(3-4 Hours) This ensures ,an even burn prevents tunneling and determines the rest of the candles life.

Trim your wick before every burn This will help to prevent smoke and keep your candle, burning clean. This is an extremely important step that should not be missed.

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