Stir’s Creates Opportunities To Bring Families Together

A mother and step son smile in from of the vintage cereal graphic wall at Stir's Cereal, in Salt Lake City Utah


On August 19th, we received the most heartwarming notification on social media. The caption began with the question, “What is the best gift you’ve ever given?”


The post came from a local mom who runs an Instagram page called @utahdealdays. Her name is Kennedy, and her account features delicious food as well as great deals and discounts in Utah.

Kennedy brought her boyfriend’s youngest son, Dylan, to visit Stir’s. She said that she had,

“never been more excited to take anyone anywhere.”

She explained that,

“he’s a cereal enthusiast. And I mean we individually wrapped 30 boxes of cereal for Christmas. So when I found @stirscereal I just knew I had to take him, and I’m pretty sure he loved it. (But ya know, can’t be too sure cuz 17 year old boy)”

Kennedy went on to write that during their stay,

“We got the unlimited bowls and ate til we were sick, made all the combos, and really tried hard to take cute pics but every time I tried his mouth was full. I’m sure we will be back very soon.”

As though the image of a family wrapping 30 individual boxes of cereal, and a teenager in their glory with a mouth full of cereal in our store wasn’t sweet enough, Kennedy ended by saying that,

“I’m not always a great gift giver admittedly, but sometimes you just find one that fits the receiver just too well. I was pretty proud of this one.”


Kennedy and Dylan’s visit to Stir’s was one of the most endearing stories we had the privilege of reading about. We were honored to have been a part of providing this truly adorable family moment.

Stir’s is not only a place for cereal enthusiasts, but an experience that brings families together.

Thank you @utahdealdays for coming in and allowing us to be a part of the best gift you have ever given. We were inspired by your story, and are looking forward to hosting you again!


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