Taking Advantage of Franchise Opportunities

A cashier working at a Stir's Franchise

Are you ready to open your own business, but are overwhelmed by the process? By purchasing a franchise, you won’t need to worry about how to get started. Franchise opportunities are the solution to becoming a business owner without struggling to find your own resources and developing a new brand. You will find the benefits of a large company, while maintaining the autonomy of an independent business owner. With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing the already high uncertainty surrounding small businesses, this risk avoidant option can protect you from losing your investment. 

How To Take Advantage Of Franchise Opportunities:

Finding A Franchise That Fits

  • Firstly, you will need to find a franchise company that aligns with your vision. Believing in the values of a company is integral to opening a business with them. Begin by researching the company’s website and reading their brand story. If you connect with their narrative, there’s a good chance that your customers will as well.  
  • Evaluate the product for profitability. Stir’s cereal utilizes a product that spans an entire row at the grocery store, and significantly beats coffee sales.
  • Look for a business model that will maximize profit. Unlike many other franchises, Stirs includes several catering options, a built-in charity program, and other revenue streams that will maximize your profits. 

Interview The Franchise

  • Make initial contact through their franchise website and review investment details. Make sure the investment is right for you.
  • Access franchisor support. Ask about training options as well as assistance in opening and maintaining your store.

Take Advantage

  • Once you have found a franchise that fits your goals, take advantage of what they offer. 
  • Built in training – with no experience necessary, you will gain access to professional training across all levels of employment for your business. 
  • Built in marketing – you will benefit from proven successful marketing strategies that will drive traffic to your store. 
  • Buying power – you will have access to lower, wholesale prices of your product.
  • Community – you will join the brand’s story and a network of customers who are already connected to the company. 


Are you ready?

Visit www.stirsfranchises.com to learn more or contact Gary Occhiogrosso at gary@frangrow.com

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