Yelp Utah Visits Stir’s

In August, Stir’s hosted Yelp Utah’s elite members for a week of unlimited cereal and photo contests with daily prizes.

A family smiles in front of cereal dispensers at a cereal bar.

As the Stir’s experience aims to bring out nostalgia and excitement, it was no surprise to receive many entertaining reviews. From gushing about the milk dispensers to reminiscing about their childhood, here is what some of the Yelp Elite had to say about Stir’s.

Damon D. was in for a surprise when he experienced our one of a kind milk machine, saying that,

“My favorite part was the milk dispensing machine. It was amazing. Like an ice cream machine but with milk. What?!?!? Who would have thought the milk could steal the show.”

Janice L. was delighted by the experience and more so to find options for everyone in her family, stating,

“It was a cereal dream come true! Loved being able to try the unlimited options. It's a kid friendly place with cute little tables, chairs, comfy couch, and cartoons on the tv, Our little toddler was so excited to try everything (" I want this one.. and this one! And this one!" and we let him indulge in some marshmallows and colorful cereals). For the big kids - healthy options with whole grains , oats, and dried fruits were plentiful. For those who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or vegetarian - there are dairy free options for milk , i.e. almond milk and soy milk. They even have chocolate milk here (dairy & nondairy). The staff was super friendly!”
A girl eats cereal in front of a vintage cereal box wall at a cereal bar.

If there were a prize for writing, Jeff C. took the cereal cake, saying that,

“My tongue is tying itself in knots trying to distinguish the multiple flavors of mixed cereals, each more brightly colored than the next. I'm being flooded with memories from my childhood, proffering my parents a Faustian bargain for Cinnamon Toast Crunch vs select bites of broccoli at the family table, then running outside to my bike to exhaust the white crack cocaine in my system. Gentlemen, start your engines. All hail the milk and cereal capitol of Salt Lake! The idea is simple -- a cold cereal and milk buffet. But no one told me they would have exotic and special edition flavors like birthday cake Fruity Pebbles or Dunkin' Donuts caramel macchiato. Or that I could mix and match multiple flavors of the same cereal (apple cinnamon Chex with chocolate Life, anyone?) while getting creative with my milks (chocolate, almond, soy and various white milks). Or that I would drive myself into a self-imposed sugar-based catatonic state while blubbering about upcoming mixes that would hurt the ears to hear but tickle the tastebuds. At Stir's, region, politics and the state of the planet don't apply; you're simply here for childlike awe and a more than gratuitous quantity of hedonistic self-indulgence in the refillable bowl you are given.”

Chelsea C. saw exactly what Stir’s can do to a person, saying,

“Wow childhood dreams come to life!! Husband was like a kid in a candy shop but even better an AYCE cereal shop!“
A boy poses in front of cereal dispensers at a cereal bar.

Dallas A. was entertained by the atmosphere and was certainly brought back to fond memories of his childhood, writing that,

“There's a SpongeBob episode where a news anchor says, "It's like I've died and gone to fancy heaven." Well Stir's is like that, just for cereal. As a cereal lover (some might say cereal killer--I go through 2-3 boxes per week), Stir's lives up to all the hype and more. This place has over 50 flavors, some classic, some new, and some you've never heard of. And having more than five types of milk is awesome. Your adult health consciousness will clash with your inner-child sweet tooth as Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Special K Red Berries fight for your tastebuds against Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honeycomb, and Trix. I tried roughly 15 flavors today, and my favorite were the "Cookie Monster" specialty mix (Cookie Crisp + OreO's), while my least favorite were the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros. On top of one of my favorite foods, I like the seating areas here. No need to get fancy with the tables, Stir's offers unique seating that matches the vibe of watching Saturday cartoons on the couch or the chill-ness of eating on high-top chairs on a high countertop.“

Lastly, Brittany L. summarized what Stir’s is here for, to introduce you to new cereals you never would have tried and to change the way you eat cereal. She said,

“This place is a dream. We went for breakfast on a weekday and it was packed, tons of families, couples, college students, anyone who enjoys multiple bowls of cereal in one sitting. They have endless options and tons of nostalgic cereals that are hard to find these days. I love that you can make a bowl with 12 different cereals in it, because I would never buy nor open that many kinds at once at home.”

You can read more reviews from Yelp Elite week here!

Thank you to our Yelp Elites! Stay tuned on social media for more photos of their visit!​

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