The Stirs Experience

The Stirs Experience

The Stir's Experience- What makes it so special? 

So, A cereal restaurant? What?

Why? Why wouldn't I just eat my cereal at home? 

These are a few questions we hear from naysayers. It is obvious that these people have never experienced the joy and nostalgia that is Stir's Cereal! I am here today to tell you all about why Stir's is the best, why we do what we do, and how YOU can enjoy all that Stir's has to offer. 


What is Stir's Cereal?

At Stir's we are changing the way you eat cereal. Sure you can drive to the store, buy your 3-4 kinds of cereal, and enjoy them a bowl at a time at home. But, what if there was a better, more fun way? 

There sure is, but first, a story. 

Our founder was one of the younger children of 7. He loved cereal. it was his favorite food in the whole world. He learned early on in life that it was disadvantageous around breakfast time to be as young as he was. His older siblings went to school early, and would eat all the cereal in the morning before he had a chance at it. Then one day, he had a brilliant plan. After his mother came home from the grocery store one day, he found the cereal, and as quickly as he could, poured 2 or 3 bowls. He covered them with foil, and hid them under the living room furniture so that he could save them for later when his siblings were not around. Brilliant am I right? 

He grew up and the days of hiding cereal were gone, but still enjoys cereal all times of the day. He wanted to change the way people eat cereal, so... 

Enter: Stir's Cereal. Picture this- You walk into a restaurant and cereal lines the walls. 75+ kinds of cereal to be exact. It is a beautiful sight. your inner 8 year old is salivating looking at all the flavors of cereal. You cannot help but feel giddy and remember all those Saturday mornings spent eating sugary cereal growing up. There are couches, games, coloring books, kids activities, a vintage cereal mural wall, and best of all- happy and smiling staff to help you. You order an unlimited bowl- Yes, you read that right UNLIMITED amounts of cereal with 75 KINDS to choose from. You sit with your friends, family or date on our comfy couch and enjoy some old Saturday Morning cartoons. Then decide to play a board game while enjoying your 4th bowl of cereal. Congratulations, You have officially entered cereal wonderland. Welcome to Stir's Cereal!


Birthday Parties, Catering, Weddings, OH MY!


Not only is Stir's an AMAZING in store experience, but you can take that experience home! We have catered all types of events. From birthday parties to weddings to corporate events, we can do it all. Who doesn't love a good bowl of cereal? Whether you prefer Cheerios or Cap'n Crunch, we have it all. Can you imagine the look on your kids face when they come into your kitchen on their birthday and see cereal dispensers for their party!? It would be a hit with wedding guests, feeding them unlimited cereal and taking pics by our food truck. You could even treat your employees to a special morning cereal bar. The possibilities truly are endless!

Need to book a catering event? 


Check out our Cereal catering options here!


Stir's Box- The Cereal Subscription Box 

Know someone who Cereal'sly loves Cereal? Are you that person? Look no further than Stir's Box! a carefully curated monthly subscription box full off international goodies, snacks, cereals and cereal themed merchandise. You can also choose a custom subscription box with Stir's Mixes. Who do you know that would love this box of delicious goodies delivered to their doorstep each month? 

You can find Cereal Subscription Boxes right here!

Why we do what we do- Friends of Stir's 


A Bowl for You is a Bowl for Them. 

At Stir's, we are passionate about helping those with food insecurities. We give back in our local communities through various programs to help feed children and families in need. Any time you order anything from Stir's, whether it is a bowl of cereal in store, or a piece of merchandise online, We will donate that amount to local pantries, homeless shelters and organizations that need the help. You make a difference every time you eat at Stir's. We feel strongly about giving back to our community, and we love having your help to do so. 

Learn more about how Stir's gives back



We hope that you have learned a little bit more about Stir's Cereal, and sincerely can't wait to see you in our store, online or in person soon!


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