The Stir's Story

The Story of Stir’s and the Hidden Bowl 
by Sterling Jack, the Founder

One of my favorite foods in all the world is cold cereal. I grew up on it and I have always found great comfort in my bowl of cereal. I was raised in South Jordan, Utah by my wonderful parents and 7 siblings. As a family, we loved to eat cereal. 

I learned early in life that it was a disadvantage to be one of the youngest kids when it came to breakfast. All of my older siblings would go to school before me and this meant two things: one, the powdered milk that my mother would make the night before would be sitting out for hours, so I would be stuck with warm milk. Two, all of the cereal would be gone. I wanted something better. 

 Then one day I had a brilliant plan. When my mother returned from the grocery store I would pour 2 or 3 bowls of cereal, cover them in tinfoil, and hide them under the living room furniture. Then, when the cereal was gone for everyone else, I was able to get my hidden bowl and enjoy!

Years would pass, the powdered milk was gone, but I still enjoy my cereal at all hours of the day.