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Love cereal, but hate standing in line to pick up your favorites? Want to try new flavors from all across the world and right here at home? Try StirsBox, where you can explore everything the cereal world has to offer, delivered right to your door!

Choose from 2 different options:

Our Traveler's Pack box includes hard to find cereals from all over the world for you to try here at home. 

Our Stir's Mixes box includes hand-crafted, custom mixes selected by our team of cereal-loving experts, just for you.

New, limited edition, popular and rare cereals from around the world.

Delivered right to you.

Just 3 Steps to Discover a New World of Cereal


Pick Your Box

We Deliver the World's Most Popular Cereals

Curated from Across the Globe and Here at Home

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What’s Inside a StirsBox?
2 hand-picked full boxes of the most popular cereals from around the world!
Delicious shelf-safe flavored milk to try with your new cereals
A different item of hand-picked, locally produced cereal-themed merchandise
An extra cereal-themed snack for cravings on the go
Cereal Swag
Information about your cereals

When will my first box be shipped?
We ship every day of the week, so your new discoveries will be on their way within 72 hours.
Where do my cereals come from?
We find the most popular cereals from every continent and deliver them to you.
How often will I get a box?
You’ll receive a box of new discoveries on your doorstep every month.

How long are your subscription plans?
Our plans are month-to-month, so you have the option to cancel anytime.
What cereals will be in my box?
You’ll get different cereals from different countries each month.
I really like this cereal, how do I get more?
Every one of the cereals in our boxes are available to purchase on our site.
Can I give a box as a gift?
Absolutely! We’ll even include a card from you if you like.
How do I get in touch if needed?
You can reach us at
What is your renewal and cancellation policy?
All subscriptions are set to auto renew. However, you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime.